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Our company’s representative participated in the first China International Characteristic Town Forum
Release date:2018-07-20

Recently, our representatives participated in the 2018 China International Characteristic Small Town Ecology and Investment and Financing Expo and Summit Forum with the theme of “Integrating Wisdom Driven and Sharing Characteristic Future”, jointly sponsored by China Investment Association and China International Exhibition Center.

The Expo focused on the development of characteristic town construction demonstration projects and related industries, covering the industrial characteristics, functional orientation, phased achievements and future development plans of the characteristic towns, summarizing and introducing the model and case of the characteristic town construction projects. In the current period, the Expo focused on promoting the construction of characteristic towns, and analyzed and discussed the hot issues of key concept sharing, policy interpretation and publicity, industry positioning, investment and financing mode and development.

At the end of the Expo, in the round-table dialogue on topics such as industrial development and financial innovation,  participants conducted interactive questions and answers to several experts on the spot.

After the meeting, representatives of our company communicated with the expert who has been focusing on the characteristic town for many years. Our company gave a description of the planning and construction of our company’s Shunyi Real Estate Project, and the expert gave an in-depth explanation on the implementation of the current situation, and said that the prospects for the development of industrial tourism characteristic towns in Shunyi District in the future can be expected. AT the end, both sides reached a friendly cooperation intention on the Shunyi real estate project.