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Welcome to Guangliang Capital to inspect the projects
Release date:2020-09-30

At September, Wang Sicong ,the General Manager of JunZhi Capital Management Co., LTD and Wang yichen ,Project Manager of Junzhi were invited by PHOTON FUND Co., LTD to SHENZHEN,visited the company NTD and Techtotop,invested by JUNZHI through PHOTON FUND.

New Degree Technology Co., LTD founded in 2011, NDT is a joint venture company for force touch solutions. The products have been used in HTC, ZTE, Xiaomi and Huawei mobile phones.

Techtotop Co., LTD in 2008, The company about national high-tech chip design and focusing on providing basic information of location and timing. The newest chips supports BDS / GPS / GLONASS, output over 3 million pieces / month, accounting for 36% of China's total sales of navigation chips in 2019.

After investigation and communication with CEO,Mr. Li and Mr. Gao , we believe that both of company have the ability of independent innovation ,advanced of core technology. NDT holds the patent of advanced pressure sensor technology. Techtotop knowledge that national conditions and develops own business by the navigation industry.

Wangsicong communicated with Wangwei who is the PHOTON FUND’s CEO after meeting ,They make a consensus on high-tech innovative enterprises and talking about if they try the new possibility that biomedical investment in the future.

JUNZHI will keep connecting with PHOTON and focus on scientific and technological innovation and medicine for expanding our investment business.