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  Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Agricultural Technology and Development Incorporated Co., Ltd is a large industrial chain enterprise for contemporary ducks, whose business covers ducks breeding, ducklings marketing, cultivation, butchering, processing, and marketing of commodity ducks as well as cooked food processing and marketing, and fodder processing. 

  Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Group successfully came into the market in National Equities Exchange and Quotations on Dec 3th, 2015. The stock code is 834398. China Commercial Liutong Trading Co., Ltd, as the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation, invested 12 million RMB in August, 2013 and held 2% shares, ranking the 8th largest shareholder of Saifeiya Group. As a strategic investor, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation is the third listed company after participating in the listing of Beijing Bank (stock code:601169) and China Yintai Department Store(stock code:HK01833) in Shanghai and Hongkong relatively, which not only obtains much professional experience in equity investment of China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation and develop talents but pursues the max profit successfully by capital investment. It also makes much progress in developing our animal husbandry.