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Guangliang Qixin Fund

  Guangliang Qixin Fund was founded in Shenzhen, 2015,which is a high-growth enterprise among those fund investment and cultural medium, communications and high-end manufacturing industries. Enter while the enterprise changes its preliminary stage to the growth stage and then enjoy the increase brought by surging performance. Guangliang Qixin Fund successively invested the Hongliyu Cinema project, Shenzhen New Degree Technology Co., Ltd and the mixed program of subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation. 

  Hongliyu Cinema has been the leader of county-level cinema markets and controlled the layout entrances of electricity companies in future second and third-tier cities; the pressure touch screen technology developed in house by Shenzhen New Degree Technology Co., Ltd has been widely used in mobile phones, instrument manufacturing, etc. Mobile phones—AXON—of ZTE has applied this technology, which is critically acclaimed. Energy brought by the mixed program of central enterprises of China Electronics Corporation has been infused into the enterprise. Besides, sustainable growth of performance is brought by markets expansion based on the program.