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Yuanda Environmental-Protection

  CPI Yuanda Environmental-Protection Engineering Co., Ltd (stock code:600292) released an announcement on the publish result of non-public stocks and changes of the capital stocks on August 26th, 2014, which marked that China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation has completed relevant investment on Yuanda successfully. This time, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation invested 165million RMB to participate in its private placement. When the private placement is done, the company will hold 9.02 million stocks of Yuanda, accounting for 1.5% and tie with 504 group of National Council for Social Security for the sixth largest shareholder. The investment is another new business mode, developed after China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation intervened into IPO issue and invested in enterprises to be listed.

  CPI Yuanda Environmental Protection (Group) Incorporated Company is a listed company whose holding enterprise is China Power Investment Corporation, specializing in environmental protection. Its business reaches most regions of the country and India, Turkey, etc., including  general contracting of desulfurization , denitration and dedusting, franchise of desulfurization and denitration, production and regeneration of the denitration catalyst, water treatment, disposition of lower discharged nuclear waste and establishment of places for disposing nuclear waste, energy conservation, etc.

  This time, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation will collaborate with Minsheng Bank and CDBS Cathay Asset Management Co., Ltd. to make a mutual investment on Yuanda, which not only buttresses the development of environment protection but optimizes the investment portfolio of the company and disperse risks to boost income.