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About Junzhi capital

  Junzhi Capital Management Limited was incorporated in October 20, 2015 in Beijing, it is a state-holding company of China Commercial Foreign trade Corporation, Ltd. Since establishment, its fund management has reached more than 500 million.

  Junzhi capital focuses on project investment, investment management, asset management, investment consulting;  it concentrates on investing food science and technology, high-tech agriculture, health and life science and technology, TMT industries and fields, with sustained attention to the thematic investment of listed companies and New OTC Market.

  Since its establishment, the company has completed CPI Yuanda Corporation (600292) private placement project through China Commercial Foreign trade No. 1 private placement fund, using self-owned funds 55 million, by leveraging bank funds, it contributed nearly billion profit on behalf of CDB Pacific - China Commercial Foreign trade No. 1 private placement fund management plan; it has made investment on Niudirui high-tech sensing project, red-carp cinema project and mixed ownership reform of China Electronics Corporation affiliated enterprises through light and mixed fund; its investment enterprise, Inner Mongolia Saifeiya Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is successfully listed on the New OTC Market (stock code 834398).